Caprice Acres

"Breed the best, eat the rest!"


Barn name: Ash
Reg#: AA1759024
DOB: 1/2/16
Book: American
Color: Chamoisee with cream/black trim; leg stripes

7-22-17. 4 mon into lactation. Only 6hrs of milk in this pic. She is clearly not the most cooperative for pictures. ;)

7-22-17. 4 mon into lactation. Only 6hrs of milk in this pic. She is clearly not the most cooperative for pictures. ;)

3/14/17, in labor. :)

3/14/17, in labor. :)

1st freshening in 2017, 2 days fresh

2016 YS (5mon) VVE, overall V.  "E" in rear legs
2017 +VVV 01-08 84. E in Rump

Freshened 3/14/17 with buck/doe twins.

Breeding plans:
Panache is exposed to Sunrising Charmer Weizenbock *B for 2018 March kids! 

Please click HERE (CDCB link) for her most current DHIR information!

Panache's arrival was a great way to start 2016. This pedigree is packed with some of my very favorite Cherry Glen animals. As a FF she is still in need of a lot of maturity and I've learned I need to not despair over young stock and instead give them some time and patience. After all, ideal animals are based on a 4-5 year old animal, not a 'baby' at just a year of age. ;) She is extremely easy to milk with a very soft, pliable udder and large orifices that make milking her either by hand or machine a dream. She likely has a spot in this herd for years yet.

DAM: Caprice Acres Glitterati, 03-03 83 VVEE 90. "Sydney" or "Syd" as we know her is a very big, structurally sound doe with a beautifully well attached udder. She was immature for her yearling appraisal as a FF, and is improving as I'd hoped. She really needed a freshening with multiples and some maturity, which she finally achieved as a 4yo 3rd fresh in 2017. See her current information on her page HERE! 

DS:,SGCH Cherry Glen Password Gentry +*B 01-04 90 EEV, D/Avg 2774lbs, 93lbs fat, 81lbs prot. His daughters include 1 SGCH, 4 SG animals, and 1 GCH. His Daughter, GCH Cherry Glen Gentry Bridget 1*M is a 3x Recorded Grade National Champion (2014, 2016, 2017). He also sired the 2016 Alpine National champion, GCH Cherry Glen Gentry Granite 8*M, who placed well as 1st 4/5 year old at the 2017 Nationals as well. Both of these girls have multiple lactations in the 3000lb range

DSD:  SGCH Cherry Glen Radical Gesture 3*M 07-03 93 EEEE. She was National GCH/Best Udder in 2006, National RGCH/Best udder in 2004 and RGCH in 2005. Lots of lactations in the 3000-4000lb range! LIFE 2067 22480 3 672 2.5 566 

SIRE: SGCH Cherry Glen Radical Hallmark+*B is Panache's sire. His LA score is one of the highest I have seen for a buck - 05-04 93 EEE. Over 25 total appraisals on 10 daughters in 3 herds, their average FS is 88.4, so he's producing very structurally sound offspring. To top it all off, his daughters average 3260lbs. His offspring include 5 SGCH, 3 SG, 1 GCH and 3 CH.

SD:  SGCH Cherry Glen T. Holly's Hope 2*M 05-04 92 EEEE was 2001 National Champion/Best Udder, 2003 Reserve National Champion/Best Udder. 9x BIS, and could milk:  LIFE 1763 16840 3.8 643 2.5 426.