Caprice Acres

"Breed the best, eat the rest!"


Barn name: Disco
Reg#: PA1669790
Breed: Purebred French Alpine
DOB: 3/3/14
Book: Purebred
Color:  Lavender Cou Clair (reg as Cou clair)

7/22/17, 3 years 4 months. Unclipped

7/22/17, 3 years 4 months. Unclipped

8/14/16. 2 yrs 5mon. Excuse the poor posing skills. :D

6-6-16, 2 yr, 3 mon. Not standing flat, in a mountain of waste hay, and stuffing his face... but hey, at least I have an up to date picture. ;)

11-7-15, 18mon old (@ buck collection)

8/10/14 - 5mon






Linear Appraisal

YS 2014: VEV, overall V
2017: AV+ 78 - appraiser said that rut was hard on him, and that he could see there was a nice buck there. 


DAM: SG Grace-Hill Magnolia 1*M

Spring 2011, 2YO FF (almost 3 months fresh)

11/15/15, DRY

3/10/14, 7 days fresh and giving just a pint shy of a gallon PER MILKING

Please see Magnolia on the REFERENCE page! Includes pictures, information about her milk test, linear history, pedigree, and any other pertinent information.


SIRE:  SG Sunshine Rehma Reprise
Elite sire

LA: 04-00 VEE 88
Daughters average 2184lbs/milk.