Caprice Acres

"Breed the best, eat the rest!"


We do offer stud service from our bucks to HEALTHY, DISEASE FREE DOES. We do NOT board does, we ONLY allow 'driveway breedings' to does currently in standing heat.  Please expect some questions about your herd health and history if you're interested in breedings. There is a risk for exposing goats to outside animals and I would like to do my best to protect my herd as well as yours.  Please plan to contact me ahead of time. Impromptu stud service may be rejected due to our schedule!

Please let me know if your herd participates in DHIR/LA, we would like to offer discounts to these herds. 

2016 stud fees - 40.00/doe.  


In years I am having my bucks collected, I need to get them breeding does in the weeks prior to collection in order to ensure a good collection. In 2015 I took Disco to collection and though he went through the motions and what was collected was 'normal' semen, he just didn't have any volume. Having not bred a doe in over a year, He was just not an ideal collection candidate. Since I try to breed most of my herd AI, AND because my tiny herd is ONLY bred at very specific times of the season so that they kid when convenient to me, I simply have no good way of making sure my boys are working before a collection.  Because I cannot do this myself with my management system and number of does, I'd like to offer FREE STUD SERVICE for the month before collection to any does healthy and from disease tested herds.  This is an excellent chance for anyone to bring in new genetics from healthy, performance tested animals and it helps me out immensely as well! After collection - which is NORMALLY in November, I will ask my regular breeding fee. 

Under very specific circumstances, I may also consider a free-lease for the month prior to collection, for the buck of choice to stay on your farm. This will be done on an individual, CONTRACTUAL basis with strict requirements.