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"Breed the best, eat the rest!"

Bucks in the Tank

I keep a few bucks in my AI tank, and try to practice AI on almost every doe in the herd per year. That sounds daunting but when you realize we keep about 4 does or less, that's not a huge deal. :) Usually I try AI once in August, again in October, then perform live cover as a backup. Because AI is not guaranteed, we may attempt AI just once, or not at all and just breed her live if lack of milk is a potential concern.    AI is a great way to safely and inexpensively bring in new genetics, both of which are very important to me with my strict biosecurity and my pitiful personal bank account - I am a college student, you know. :) I do try to buy the best of what is available and consider appraisal scores and milk production when purchasing. Because I do not show and likely will not have time to do so for years yet - if ever, in regards to my strict biosecurity - AI is also a great way to bring in popular show genetics as well.  I am very excited and grateful to have these bucks in my tank, and am looking forward to using them in the next few years. 

Update summer 2016 - I have begun to 'hoard'. According to my clinical rotation schedule during vet school, it looks doubtful that I will be able to do much AI in the next 2 breeding seasons. I am still hoarding genetics in hopes I can expand my herd upon graduation. 

Thanks again to all the sellers for owning/breeding wonderful animals, I am happy to have them to improve my stock. 

SGCH Bearly Emperor Alakai +*B

UPDATE: Alakai is an ELITE sire in the 99th percentile!

See a photo of him HERE

CH Bearly Emperor Alakai +*B has daughters with 5,000, 4,000, and 3,000 lb lactations. Avg daughter lactations are 3321 M 105 F, 102 P . Dam is SGCH Bearly Reprise Alexandria 3*M, EX 92 with several 4000lb lactations! She scored the maximum possible for linear as a first freshener (89 EEEE), and managed to score EEEE 92 at 4, 5, 7, and 10 years of age! His littermate sister is SG Bearly Empress Alalakeiki 4*M, who is also EX 92, and also produces over 4000lbs.  His grade Alpine daughter, SG White Whale Alakai Toblerone 1*M has a 2016 top 10 lactation, boasting 305 5190M 159F 169P. This record beats out #9 and #10 on the Alpine top ten list in total production, #8 in fat, and beating all but #1 and #5 in protein. ;) She is also an ELITE doe in the 99th percentile. Can you say PRODUCTIVE lines? 

Please see more information about his Dam, Alex HERE  You can find more information about his sister, Lala, HERE (though the information seems to be slightly out of date, there are pictures! :) )

As you may note, some of these lines are already present in my herd. SG Caprice Acres Elise 2*M  and Caprice Acres Disco Volante *B are littermates sired by ELITE buck SG Sunshine Rehma Reprise ++*B.  Reprise is also the son of yet another ELITE sire, SG Nodaway Ayla's Aries ++*B.  

Daughter production eval:

Daughter type eval:

(this type eval generated before 2016 appraisals have been factored in)

GCH Roeburn's Legacy +*B

GCH Roeburn's Legacy +*B is an elite sire in the 88th percentile, August 2017. 

He has 2 SG. 1 GCH, 2 CH offspring.  His PTA's for milk, fat, and protein are quite high with a 69% reliability. He has 20 daughters on test in 4 herds, averaging 2.45 lactations, and are producing a mean of 3280lbs milk, 104lbs fat, and 100lbs protein! His daughters have type, too. 18 daughters have been appraisd a total of 31 times, with an average final score of 87.4. 

Sire of the 2017 Reserve National Champion, 04-05 EEEE 91 GCH Tempo Aquila Sailin' Free 6*M 

- see her photo here on ADGA's website:

His dam, SGCH Roeburn's BR Rose of Sharon 6*M  05-03 92 EEEE  (click for her page on Roeburn's Alpines website!) is a powerhouse doe with many lactations over 3000-3500lbs. 

His full sister, GCH Roeburn’s KVLW Muy Caliente 7*M (click for her page on the Roeburn's Website)is a productive and very well put together doe as well. Her production speaks for itself as well as her linear scores.  She did lose a half of her udder after a few years due to mastitis, but she has more than proven herself in production and as a brood doe before then. 

CH Sunrising Riot Zuess

(photo credit to Ziggy @ Sunrising farm!)

CH Sunrising Riot Zuess 03-05 VEE 89 owned by Sunrising has already sired 2 SG daughters. Awaiting his evaluations with more daughters on test. Before 2016 appraisals have been put into ADGA genetics, the average FS was 86.3, and only on 1-2 year old daughters. I also really appreciate his shoulder and fore leg appraisals and think he will do well with my girls.

Zuess's dam is SGCH Kickapoo-Valley Jagged Zehava 2*M 06-02 91 VEEE . She had a top 10 lactation as a 2 year old producing 4290M., 153F 115P in 305d. Her other lactations are in the high 2000-3000lb range.

Zuess is also the grandsire of my new Jr herdsire, Sunrising Charmer Weizenbock *B

(This is before 2016 appraisals have been factored in! I believe these does appraised were all 1-2 year olds!)

Brankton Revive Kenny

Photo Courtesy of Moore's Pond Farm
Owned by David Brank

Brankton Revive Kenny 04-06 EEE 91

Sired 8th place Jr Alpine kid, 2016 ADGA nationals - out of a class of around 40! I love the consistency of his appraisal scores in shoulder and front legs. His few daughters appraised have similar scores! I have seen some daughters and like what I see, and they have a high average FS of 88.3, very respectable. Though unofficial, what I've heard about production is quite acceptable as well.

Daughter appraisal eval:

SGCH Aslan's-Own Diamond's Alex +*B

Photo credit to Mamm-Key Dairy Goats! Visit the Mamm-Key Dairy Goats website here!

Link to ADGA Genetics page:

PDF version of his Performance Pedigree: (Made via ADGA Subscription Reports) :

Link to Alex's page on the Mamm-Key Website here:

SGCH Aslan's-Own C.C. Diamond 1*M (Alex's Dam) page on the Mamm-Key website here:

When I saw this bucks' daughters' performance records, I was sold. I have been trying to find a purebred buck with high production and traits that complement my does for a long time. I think Alex is going to do good things here, when used on the right does. I am hoping he works well on my French does.  Alex is a PUREBRED FRENCH ALPINE, broken Chamoise in color.

Thank you Tina Antes (Mamm-Key Alpine Dairy Goats) for the opportunity to purchase 5 straws from this buck! 

Update - I have successfully settled a doe (Grace-Hill Magnolia) two years in a row with a single straw from Alex! Unfortunately, Magnolia herself was no longer physically able to support a pregnancy and aborted both years. She has since been necropsied to find out why she was aborting and thankfully the cause is neither contagious nor infectious. I am looking forward to using the last 2 straws I have with more success! :) 

Tempo Aquila Danziger *B

Photo credit to Siegfried Forster @ Sunrise Farm! Visit their facebook page here!

I have long admired Lauren Acton's herd (Tempo), but was disappointed that I couldn't purchase semen directly from her this year at Nationals. However, I am NOT disappointed that I had the opportunity to buy semen from THIS buck! He was the 2013 Spotlight Sale consignment from the Tempo herd.  Owned by Siegfried Forster of Sunrise farm, this bucks' pedigree is packed with outstanding does and proven bucks. Thanks again for allowing me to purchase 5 straws of this buck.

Click HERE FOR the Consignment ad for Danziger, written by Lauren @ Tempo. It includes pictures of him, and many amazing does in his pedigree. It also includes a LOT of performance information! You don't want to miss this! :


Performance pedigree (Through ADGA Subscriptions):

SGCH Cherry Glen Radical Hallmark +*B

Photo credit to Mamm-Key Dairy Goats! Visit the Mamm-Key Dairy Goats website here!

Link to ADGA Genetics page:

PDF Version of his Performance Pedigree (From ADGA subscription reports):

Link to Hallmark's page on the Mamm-Key Website:

Link to Cherry Glen website "Reference" Page - please scroll down to "2001 National Champion" To read about Hallmark's dam, Cherry Glen T. Holly's Hope :

Again a link to Cherry Glen website, the "Free Radical" family page to see pictures of his sire and some of the does on his sire's side.

I have long admired this buck and especially his pedigree and his daughters, and am ecstatic to have him in my tank! I hope to successfully use him in my American program in the years to come. He is a two-tone chamoise. 

Thank you Tina Antes (Mamm-Key Alpine Dairy Goats) for the opportunity to purchase 5 straws from this buck! 

SUCESS! Managed to settle Caprice Acres Glitterati in fall 2015, for early January 2016 kids!

Regel Katan Farm Real Iceman *B

Dam: SGCH Regel Katan Farm AB Caana 

2015 LA: 03-07 90 VVEE


Bethel Jewel of Sasin +*B

Just like his sire, negative protein PTA, so that will be something I will watch. Without any pictures or type eval, I bought this buck 'by the numbers' - and he wasn't very expensive, so I'm hoping it works out well.  I really like his pedigree, so he will be worth using IMO. 

HIS DAM:  Bethel RAD Joy Jewel 6*M

USDA Information for Bethel RAD Joy Jewel

Bethel RAD Joy Jewel had very strong lactations and was a breed leader in 2010, and milked through strongly as you can see on her last two lactations. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ALPINES INTERNATIONAL WEBPAGE WITH TOP 10 DOES. SCROLL DOWN TO 2010.  I have heard through the grapevine that she is the new lifetime high milk production doe as of 2016, with a record of : LIFE 2972 (DIM) 34950 (LBS MILK) 3.4% / 1171 lbs fat 2.6% / 926lbs protein. Her paternal granddamn Mamm-Key Legacy's Rabbit was a 4 time top 10 breed leader doe. Heard it was reported in the 3rd quarter ADGA News and Events.  Her pedigree screams production. 

Possibly the most influential sire in the alpine breed, going 5x Premier Sire at Nationals. Dau average of 2936 with 440 offspring recorded, 23 SGCH offspring, 37 SG offspring, 21 GCH offspring, and 4 CH offspring. He has kids born almost every year from 1983 to most recently in 2015, as there is still semen left in some lucky tanks here and there. He has VERY positive PTI's and his daughters have been on over 400 lactations on test. With an LA score of 04-01 80 A++, I've read he himself was an 'ugly buck', but with these numbers and the extremely high reliability, you know what you're getting when you use Sasin. The only thing I dislike is his low protein PTA. 

Barn name: Calix
Reg#: PA1545801
Breed: Purebred French Alpine
DOB: 3/2/11
Book: Purebred
Color: Cou Clair

A big thank-you to the Gieslers for this handsome buck! :D

6/1/14, 3 year old






Linear Appraisal

YS 2011 5mon: VEE overall V
2012 01-04 +VE 84
2013 02-06 : +VV 84
2014 : VEV 88
2016: VEE 89


Very pleased with my little buck. 2011 Appraiser commented on his dairiness while still retaining strength and masculinity. Super sweet, docile temperament and still willing to exuberantly woo the ladies. :) My little buck kid has gotten big. As a yearling he's around 150lbs while in rut and loosing condition due to high activity.  

I have freshened one daughter of his - Caprice Acres Long Tall Sally. (Dam: Grace-Hill Kesslee  - SEE BOTH ON THE REFERENCE PAGE!) As a FF she produced 10lbs/day and was a dream to milk. Unfortunately I was not on test that year and she did not settle for the 2014 breeding season so she was sent to auction as we don't have a place for her as an 'open' doe here. 10lbs/day was GREATLY improved over her dam. 

Calix was collected in November 2015 and was sold December 1st. He will be missed but with him in the tank I had no need for him live cover.